Frequently Asked Questions

  1. ​Can you please explain Valid Hours and Streaming Hours?

Answer: Valid Hours should be at least 30 minutes with a maximum of 2 hours a day. Any live broadcast that is below 30 minutes or above 2 hours will NOT be considered as valid hours but will go towards your Total Streaming Hours. 


Total streaming hours represent the total duration of every live broadcast each month.


Valid hours are accounted for in PST - Pacific Standard Time and you are allowed to have a maximum of two hours a day count towards your valid hours. 

2. When do I get paid?​​

Answer: Your first payment will be paid into your paypal account 45 days AFTER your first month of streaming.  For example: If you stream in July you will be paid in September. If the amount owed is less than $100 it will roll over into the next payment cycle as long as that amount is more than $100. 


Please Note: Payment will not be issued if monthly hours are not met. 


*In the event of an app issue/crash that has caused you from meeting your hourly goal please contact LIVIT at

When emailing LIVIT regarding app crashes please include your Live username, a brief description of the issue, screen grabs, your phone device and model as well as your wireless provider.

 3. I am not able to reach my monthly hourly goal, what can I do?


Answer: In the event of a streamer not reaching their monthly hourly goal a payment for valid hours will not be received, however you can still earn money by points! If the amount of points is greater than $100.00 a payment will be issued regardless of monthly hours not being met.

4. How do I set up my Paypal?


Setting up your PayPal is easy! Please follow these simple steps so you can get paid!


  • Log into your LIVIT account.

  • Go to my icon on the lower right corner of the LIVIT user page.

  • Click on Royalty Report.

  • Payment Account Information.

  • Click Confirm at the bottom right hand corner of LIVIT Usage Rules.

  • PayPal page should appear; please add your PayPal account information.

  • Your PayPal account is now hooked up!


Please note that you must stream for 2 hours before your PayPal is hooked up.


For further assistance please refer to link below:

5. How do I become a streamer on LIVIT?


Do you think you have what it takes? Want to be seen? Do you want to be heard? Then we want you as a streamer! To be the next big streaming star submit an audition tape and let us see your talent!


Submitting an audition tape is easy!


  • Download LIVIT APP

  • The first page will have 3 separate boxes - click on the box which reads Be Seen. Be Heard.

  • You will then be directed to the LIVIT Broadcaster Audition.

  • Fill out the required fields

  • Click Submit - Our talent managers will review and be in touch!

  • Or you can go to this link on our website and fill out the form.

6. Can I please know how many Valid Hours I am currently at?


Answer: We want to make sure that our streamers are up to date when it comes to valid hours. We will be emailing all current streamers with an up to date streamer report on the 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and the 29th of every month. 


If you would like an update sooner than these dates please feel free to email us at for a streamer report. Please include your first and last name along with your LIVIT username! 

7. Are we allowed to stream inside Disneyland?


Answer: No. Streamers are not allowed to stream inside Disneyland for copyright purposes. Your stream will be cut immediately.

8. Can my kids be in stream?


Answer: No. LIVIT is a 17+ app so children are not allowed in stream. So please leave the kiddos out of your stream.

Don't see your question above? Please reach out via email!